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Terms of Services of the site Fotobazar

This document is an Agreement between the consumer and photobank Fotobazar. Please, read this document carefully. If you have any questions regarding the statements of this document , do not hesitate to contact us: In case of disagreement with site behavior rules, do not visit our website and do not use its services. By using this site and agreed services, you accept the terms and comply with all points of this Agreement. Fotobazar reserves the right to periodically amend the terms of this Agreement. We recommend to review this Agreement from time to time in order to find out if there are any changes.

1. Definitions

Site Fotobazar is a website providing services described below.

File: an illustration, photograph or any other content offered on the site in electronic form.

The author: the owner of files and copyright on them.

The User: a person or organization who uses the site Fotobazar and its services and accepts all provisions, rules and conditions.

Working with files. It is allowed its complete remaking, including the use of individual parts in order to create its own original image and obtain copyright. It is prohibited to place this work in any bank of files.

2. License Agreement

In accordance with terms of this agreement, photobank Fotobazar gives User the long-term right to use stock photos for which the latter has paid an agreed sum of money in accordance with Standard or Extended License. Fotobazar reserves the right to cancel or change the license. User agrees to refund Fotobazar the costs if he uses the files under conditions not mentioned in this Agreement or if the third "person" receives a copy of the purchased file. Files, site and services are not immune from mistakes and are provided "as they are" without warranty of any kind. User transmits only the right to use the file. It is forbidden to pirate the copyright on the file, export or re-export it, directly or indirectly. Using the files, User confirms that he read and agreed to the terms of the documents governing the work on the site and use the acquired file (terms of service, user agreement, the conditions of the License). User is personally responsible for using the file.

3. Ownership

User acknowledges and agrees that each file and the copyright for it are the property of the supplier of the file. Fotobazar possesses all rights of ownership and property of the file.

4. General Provisions

Force Majeure. In case of emergency, when one of the sides of this agreement fail to fulfill its obligations under this agreement, the parties undertake all possible ways to overcome these difficulties as soon as possible.



Photobank Fotobazar provides the User the right to access and use the materials of the site only under the terms of this Agreement . If the latter disagrees with some terms of it, he is not allowed to visit the site and use its resources. Fotobazar reserves the right to make changes, additions, corrections in the Agreement as a whole or parts of it at any time and at its own discretion. Such changes are legitimate and come into force from the date of publication. If User continues to work with the site after such changes were made, it means the latter’s agreement with the changes. If at some point User can no longer comply with the following terms and conditions, he should immediately stop using the site materials.


The site is a resource containing a variety of information and files which are subjects of copyright Working with the materials of the site Fotobazar, User has no right to transfer, sell, publish, reproduce and use other similar methods of copyright materials in the form of individual parts or as a whole. The exception is only then when the User s “License Agreement” comes into force. User has the possibility and right to download the files of the site exclusively in accordance with the conditions set out in this Agreement. The file is available for downloading during 1 year from the date of making the payment.

2. SITE BEHAVIOUR RULES User acknowledges that he will not use the Site for any illegal purposes. User will not use the Site for any other purposes than mentioned in the present Agreement. User agrees that in the process of working with the Site it is strictly forbidden:

• to insult, threaten, harass, undermine the reputation and image of other parties; to violate rights of third parties and users of the site;

• to distribute libelous or defamatory materials; vulgar and pornographic images; videos and other files;

• to transmit, upload or otherwise distribute files or software code portions that contain malicious software (viruses);

• to remove or obscure any copyright attributes;

• to falsify information about the original source of any of the materials on the site that may be contained in a file that is uploaded;

• to conduct an advertising campaign and advocacy services of any kind, exercise spammer mailing;

• to use any content posted on the site files and materials;

• to advertise its own files, products and services, not to make the spread of RCB links;

• to use the information of the Site for creating the resource which can be the direct or indirect competitor of Fotobazar.

User agrees that Fotobazar does not correspond or enter into polemics with users of the site. Fotobazar reserves the right to remove any materials at any time.

3. Guarantees

The Site and its contents submitted for review and use, do not contain malware and viruses. However, Fotobazar cannot give 100% guarantees error-free operation and complete safety when downloading materials and their security against malicious programs. During the work with the site User confirms that he understands and accepts the responsibility and risks that follow when using the site. In this case, the management and staff of Fotobazar is not responsible for failures of any kind related to the termination of the site, which caused loss of data, profits or financial losses. In connection with claims of any kind, regardless of whether the management and staff of Fotobazar warned about the theoretical possibility of such damage or incident was a result of infringement of intellectual or other property based on the offense or negligence, in accordance with terms of this agreement, responsibility of Fotobazar will be limited to five (€ 5.00) Euro.

4. Confirmation




General information

All files on the website Fotobazar can be purchased under conditions stated in one of two types of licenses: STANDARD or EXTENDED. This division operates on all sizes displayed at the site Fotobazar. The difference between them lies in the use of purchased files. Acquiring the necessary file or files User obtains the full right to use it an unlimited number of times. But at the same time he must realize that he does not get the exclusive right of possession and the possibility of transferring it to third "persons". Choosing the type of license, you must consider the following:

• STANDARD License is required in case when the purchased file will be used for creating a product that will not be resold or distributed somewhere.

• EXTENDED License is required when the purchased file will be used for creating a product for resale and distribution. In this case, the acquired image is important and gives the product an additional cost.


STANDARD License provides the reuse of the file (s) in Internet in blogs and sites during electronic presentations, also making banners for advertising, as screen savers, e-cards and books, presentations (PowerPoint, Flash, and etc.). Using files for production of printed products and promotional materials, business cards; flyers; posters; covers for CD / DVD drive; wrappers, labels and packaging of goods; notebooks, pens, pencils, stickers; trinkets; calendars; cups or glasses; mouse pads; T-shirts and other clothing items, etc. The allowed number of printed materials must not exceed 50 000 copies.

EXTENDED License implies the reuse of purchased file (s) in all of the above mentioned types. This license allows the use of the file (s) as the covers and illustrations in newspapers, magazines and other print media with circulation of over 50,000 copies.

It is prohibited in both STANDARD and EXTENDED License to use unmodified purchased file in electronic form at a rate greater than 1600 pixels on one side. When used for printing and publishing purposes there should be the mandatory official copyright notice referring to the Author or Fotobazar.

Method of payment

The currency which we use as payment is Euro (€). Acquired pictures will be downloaded without watermarks.


It is prohibited:

• to provide the acquired files for free download;

• to use the files as a basis for a logo or trademark;

• to distribute in Internet or on disc, as wallpaper for your desktop computer, PDA, phones and other devices;

• to place anywhere unmodified file in electronic form in the amount of more than 1600 pixels on one side;

• for pornographic purposes;

• to use materials discrediting photographer or faces on the photo;

• to use files for spam mailings.

Contact Information

For all the issues raised in this document, User may consult Fotobazar using the mailbox specified below. E-mail:

About us

We are a rapidly growing private independent company founded by a group of authors in 2015. We offer an affordable form of high-quality stock photos to private internet users and professional agencies all over the world. The central office of the company Fotobazar is located in Frankfurt am Main, Germany.